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Weatherproofing your wedding in the UAE
> Weatherproofing your wedding in the UAE

4 January 2016

It’s something we don’t always consider or prepare for living in a Country where the weather forecast is sun, sun and more sun on an every day basis! However, surprisingly enough we have had to deal with a variety of weathers at weddings in the UAE including rain, strong winds, unusually cold and hot temperatures and of course the more popular sandstorms that tend to visit on a regular occurrence.

We must admit preparing for these potential possibilities is a lot easier than in most countries where downpours of rain can completely ruin an outdoor wedding setting or gale force winds can wreak havoc on those beautiful flower arrangements and hair do’s!

However it’s important to consider and ideally have a back up plan that will make sure your wedding day will go without a glitch even if those pesky rainclouds make a bee line for your outdoor reception or the golden grains of the desert take a journey across your beautifully decorated dinner tablescape!

Here comes the rain!

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Back-up venue or shelter… Usually the wet weather here does not last more than 30 minutes to an hour.  An indoor space or a covered awning close by could save you and your guests and would be perfect for a drinks reception.

This can also be helpful when the sun is beating down and you need some shelter from the rays!

Breezy and Cold

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Weight down the essentials …There are always a variety of items at your wedding that could easily blow away and leave your setup looking less than perfect. Consider sturdy holders for menu cards, table numbers and name place cards or even a little double sided sticky tape can make all the difference.

Nightlight… As the sunsets quite early in the UAE candles are a popular addition to most wedding table set-ups. Consider candleholders that encompass the candles to stop them from blowing out!

Wrap up … Keep your guests warm by providing pashminas or shawls, as most guests don’t come prepared for chilly weather and they can work a dream!


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Last minute prep … Cue wedding planner! It’s advised to delay the set-up as much as possible to stop that beautiful layer of sand settling over your white table linen and tableware! Alternatively you can use lightweight fabric to cover the table set-up and remove this just before guests arrive.

Cake delight… And lastly, keep that wedding cake covered! Save your guests the delight of gritty mouthfuls and keep it stored away until the last minute.

Hot hot hot!

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Keep cool … Have cold towels and ice-cold water on hand before and after your ceremony, fans can double up as your printed wedding schedule and can keep guests cool whilst you’re taking your vows.

Stay cool… Parasol umbrellas can provide adequate shade during a drinks reception. You may also wish to consider a refreshing mocktail to stop your party becoming dehydrated.

Refresh … Have refresher baskets in guest bathrooms these can include – sun cream, face spritz, deodorant, wet wipes.

Emergency… Lastly, have some electric fans on standby, they may not look the most attractive but most venues have a supply and it may be worth having them brought in last minute if need be!