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Truly scrumptious wedding cake tables
> Truly scrumptious wedding cake tables

30 January 2016

Wedding cake traditions have grown and developed throughout history with adaptions made to suit the modern day Bride and Groom. From Ancient Rome where bread was broken over the Brides head to bring good fortune to the couple through to Medieval England where sweet rolls were piled very high and the Bride and Groom had to attempt to kiss over the top without knocking them down!

With many adaptions over time, the tiered layer cake we now recognise, symbolizes the union of the couple and their promise to forever provide for each other shown when the Bride cuts the first piece of wedding cake with the “help” of the groom.

With the cake being an important part of the wedding day schedule and key photo opportunity, we think it’s important that your wedding cake receives the attention it deserves. With just a few small touches of decoration or styling, you can transform the cake to something very special and perfectly in line with your wedding style and colour theme.

Here are just a few truly scrumptious wedding cake tables to inspire you!


Sparkly sequin tablecloth drapes this table beautifully and emphasizes the modern lines of the wedding cake.


Frills and flowers add to the pretty detail of this wedding cake table and the soft peachy colours stand out perfectly against the grassy green backdrop.


These dressing tables provide an elegant display for a wedding cake, decorated with lace and ornate candlesticks they create a romantic feel.


We love the detail in this wedding cake display – twinkly lights, beautiful foliage and accessories all add to the glamour of the simple white layered cake.


Antique wood and rich colours provide amazing decoration to these tables perfect for a autumnal wedding full of vibrant colours.


One of our favourites from a recent summer wedding we planned for a lovely bride. The beer barrel and fresh garden flowers created an ideal backdrop to this amazing cheese wedding cake.