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Meet Dubai wedding planner Nancy of Lavender Blue
> Meet Dubai wedding planner Nancy of Lavender Blue

18 September 2017

Today I’m taking a few moments to focus on me!

Meet Dubai wedding planner Nancy of Lavender Blue, the creator and owner of the company. Like many other business women here in the UAE, I am a full time mummy, wife and business owner. I’ve been living ‘in the sandpit’ for 8 years now and I’m proud to call this my home.

I’ve worked in the fast paced event industry all my life. When I founded Lavender Blue, back in 2012 I felt it was time to focus on my passion and love ‘weddings’. This gave me the opportunity to use my creativity and passion for styling and design. Aswell as using my financial background to keep all Bride and Grooms from breaking the bank (well almost)!

My daughter Ruby (turning 2 soon) has been on a lot of the journey with me. (For which she will not know as yet). Not all glamorous hotel visits and floral shops! A lot of warehouses, boring trips to source weird and wonderful things and a mummy glued to her laptop and phone 24 hrs a day!

I am so lucky to have met some amazing couples. They have all entrusted me and my team with the most special day of their lives. Working with a lot of these clients for over a year of planning, it’s a special journey for all of us involved. Each bride and groom have their own story and vision for their wedding day. It’s a pleasure to be part of bringing this to life.

With the new wedding season in full swing now we’re excited to be working with some new lovely Clients and some amazing venues we can’t wait to transform! We’ll be keeping you updated with lots of pics and videos (not my strong point but something I’m trying to improve on this year). So, stay tuned to see what Lavender Blue has coming up.

Now, back to the ‘to do lists’, budgets and Pinterest (one of our favourite resources). Xx

Special thanks to Joem Aldea for the wonderful pics!