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For the love of tulips

2 April 2015

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Hello April… Hello Spring!

One of our favourite times of the year is finally here…Not only is Easter around the corner but spring means the dawn of a whole new variety of flowers. Think of gorgeous bright hued blooms such as fresh daffodils, lilacs, primrose, peonies, tulips and more.

While peonies and lilacs are a popular choice for weddings, we believe that one spring flower in particular is often (unfairly) overlooked: THE TULIP

The versatility of tulips stems from the numerous varieties available allowing you to find the perfect match for your big day. From classic closed buds to delicate coloured tips, feathered edges to alluring two-tone tulips, there is definitely a tulip that will suit your wedding vision. Their beauty lies in diversity and for the avant-garde bride, a unique combination of tulips could be just the solution you’ve been looking for. Below is a sneak peek at just a few varieties that bloom during spring.

Tulip selection

Tulips also bloom in a vast array of colours which means that you can always find a hue that can fit-in with your styling and colour scheme. That being said, in our opinion, tulips look best when used in an outdoor setting, bringing life to the garden theme. Tulips are also a lovely way to infuse your white wedding with a splash of colour – use tulips to create colourful displays marking the wedding entrance and aisles.

Certain species of tulips are ideal for your bouquet and boutonnieres as they are long lasting cut flowers – make sure you consult your wedding planner and/or florist to ensure you have the right kind! Another unconventional yet fresh and gorgeous use for tulips is for your centerpieces and dessert table.

As you can see, there are endless ways to use these beautiful spring flowers… here’s some tulip-inspiration for all you April brides out there…

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