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Chair Rental Heaven!
> Chair Rental Heaven!

14 May 2015

Are you bored of seeing the same old banquet chairs on offer at wedding venues these days? We’ve been dressing them up for years now using numerous colours and shades of chair bows and ties in extraordinary ways to make each wedding set-up a little different from the last!

Well luckily enough we now have a huge selection of alternatives available for rental and so many of these are available here in the UAE! The rental market in Dubai is very popular and for that reason we have so many choices out there to help completely transform those wedding venues to suit your dream theme and style.

From simple fold-up chairs to the more exquisite Dior chairs, the choices are endless! Yes of course there is always a price attached however they are not extortionate. Starting from as low as AED15 per chair we really think it’s worth investing in for those finishing touches.

What’s more these chairs are all so pretty and unique they really do not need dressing up. They can either blend in with the background to ensure the focus of your wedding is on the all more important flowers, décor etc. or they can stand out as an art piece in their own right.

The ‘fold up’ classics;

Image 1 chairs

These are the simplest chairs you will come across and usually the cheapest too! They tend to work beautifully for wedding ceremony aisles for both indoor and outdoor venues. Their relaxed design also works very well in a beach setting.

Image 2 - chairs - Image 3 - chairs -

The ‘state of the art’ Ghost chairs;

Image 4 - chairs

These artistic chairs come in two shades and styles – clear and milk colour and with or without arm rests. These chairs are designed to blend in with your wedding background and add a touch of class to your setting.

Image 6 - chairs - Image 5 - chairs -

The ‘retro style’ Eames chair;

Image 7 - chairs

This is a very unique chair that you don’t see very often at weddings, however the choice in colours available of these stylish pieces could perhaps sway you into trying out something original and brave!

Image 9 - chairs - Image 8 - chairs -

The ‘deluxe collection’ Tiffany chairs;

Image 10 - chairs

These are one of the most popular chairs to choose, as they are available in many colours; white, black, silver, gold and clear. Their reasonable price will not compromise your budget and the variety on offer can compliment your colour theme perfectly.

Image 12 - chairs - Image 11 - chairs -

The ‘ultimate’ Dior collection;

Image 13 - chairs

This really is the ‘piece de resistance’ in wedding chair designs! The luxury of these chairs is better saved for indoor venues in grand deluxe settings. They may take you slightly over budget but will definitely be worth the cold sweats!

Image 15 - chairs - scoop Image 14 - chair -