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7 ways to use lace at your wedding!

10 March 2015

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Lace is one of those beautiful things that using even a hint of it adds elegance and refinement to your wedding theme. Its timeless look makes it the perfect way to add romance to your big day and really show off your vintage chic side.

We’ve been swooning over lace for sometime now and wanted to share with you 7 lovely DIY ideas to use lace on your big day! For more inspiration, visit our pinterest board dedicated to lace …. click here to view.

1. Get creative: Creating your own custom lace trimming couldn’t be easier if you are based in Dubai. The local fabric shops in Satwa (Regal & Deepaks) have a never-ending supply of lace – you are guaranteed to find an option that works with your theme. Build upon the lace trimming by adding pearly white beads along the edge. If you are using lace for an evening event, consider adding subtle sequins as they reflect well at night. Remember that lace can be dyed to any colour and it is relatively inexpensive, so you can get lace trimmings to match your colour palette. Again, the local fabric shops in Satwa will be able to help achieve your desired hue.

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2. Wedding stationery: Incorporating lace on your wedding invite or save the date is a great way to enhance a simple card. The intricate design on lace goes a long way and adds a personalised touch.

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3. Gift boxes and bags: Looking for a way to make your wedding favours stand out? Use lace to line your boxes or tags – ensuring that your favours are just downright gorgeous.

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4. Table linens: Continue the lace theme by using it to decorate your venue! Theming can be both, subtle and creative – a lace runner is simple to make yet adds a lot of character. Using lace as chair ties is a fabulous way to bring our that vintage vibe.

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5. Centrepieces: Looking for ways to use your custom lace trim? Wrapping your centrepieces with lace is a great option. It only takes a few minutes to decorate each vase and it can be done well in advance of your special day. Using the same lace trim also ensures continuity in terms of your theming. Below are some inspirational photos to get you started…

Lace blog 7

6. Edibles: Delicate touches of soft lace complement edibles really well …. we’re thinking mini-cupcake lace wraps or a lace trim for a tier of your wedding cake! These options will also work effortlessly with the rest of your lace wedding décor and items.

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7. Bridal look: Taking your design through to your bridal look, there are many unique ways to use lace! Like the image on the left, we love the idea of fastening lace to one side as an alternative to a traditional veil. If you prefer a more subtle option, consider making your very own lace garter!

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