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7 great ideas for your wedding day photo booth
> 7 great ideas for your wedding day photo booth

27 August 2015

Should I or shouldn’t I have a photobooth?

This is the question we find being asked by many Brides to be nowadays!

We’ve all been to many weddings where the photobooth is a prominent feature on the wedding day and these questions always arise when trying to make a decision…. Do we want to splash extra cash on an added feature? I don’t really like how they look and it doesn’t fit with my style.

We can’t get away from the fact that it really is a great talking point at a wedding and can really create a fun and enjoyable activity for the wedding guests.  You will find the youngest to the oldest of your family and friends throwing on a pair of fancy glasses or a funny wig and taking to the camera time and time again!

The pictures are hilarious and tend to get funnier as the evening continues! And for every guest, provides a brilliant keepsake that will leave them with fond memories from your special day.

Here we share with you 7 great ideas for your wedding day photo booth, taking a look at some alternative options for backdrops instead of using the standard booth that is usually provided. You can really have some fun with these and all you require is a blank canvas, backdrop or empty wall. Anything is possible and can be created to fit with your wedding theme and colour scheme.

Fresh Flowers;

Image 1

A little bit of sparkle;

These are very simple and cost effective backdrop ideas. A full sheet of sequin or lengths of colourful ribbon will add a touch of glamour and fun to your wedding photos.

Image 2


This is another fun and different way to create a unique backdrop. Designed into a specific shape or just simply sporadically placed against a wall create a perfect setting.

Image 3


These wonderful chalkboards are a great way to personalise your wedding pictures. Quotes, dates, stories are just some of the things you can decorate the chalkboards with and ensure your memories are imprinted on the wedding pics!

Image 4

Wreaths and material;

For a more relaxed garden feel booth, try a fabric or wooden backdrop with a garnish of fresh greenery. This chic style would work wonderfully in a garden or outdoor setting.

Image 5

You’ve been framed;

Frame your guests with hanging frames! An original idea to capture those funny faces during the wedding. You can choose your frames based on your décor and style – modern, classic or vintage all work brilliantly.

Image 6

Set the scene;

Give your guests a unique setting to feel at home when the cameras clicking! Using an array of furniture and props can really inspire your guests to get creative.

Image 7